Customer Service . . . Good but not Sweet!

by Sandi on April 8, 2010

Any business can get so busy trying to attract new customers that sometimes they forget how important it is to take care of people once they are in the door.  Customer service means different things to different people so even the best of efforts can fall short sometimes, depending on how it’s received.  Today, Tim and I went for lunch at a casual local restaurant.  We had a nice, perky, young waitress who quickly took our order and proficiently handled our meal.  The problem?  Four times during the meal she addressed me as “Sweetie”.  Would you like more water, Sweetie?  Can I take that plate, Sweetie?  This was the first lunch Tim and I have enjoyed together alone in a year so I restrained myself from correcting her in an attempt to enjoy the rare lunch with my husband.  But, it grated on my nerves enough that here I am writing about it.  Really, when did it become acceptable to address a customer twice your age (yes, I turn 40 next week) in such a silly way?  As I was thinking about what to do the topic for this week’s blog, I got to wondering how often I’m equally as irritating with a comment without realizing it.  We spend so much time focusing on quality dentistry and trying to take care of patients, that I’d hate if any of them were annoyed the same way I was today.  You are the reason we are here so thank you for putting your trust in us, for the business you’ve given us and for the chance to fix any concerns.  Call anytime, I promise we won’t call you Sweetie.

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