What You Should Know About Dental Insurance

by Sandi on April 21, 2010

This seems to be a time of transition for many people.  With economic and job changes, a change in dental insurance often follows.  It can get confusing and frustrating to jump into a new system of insurance or see cuts with current benefits.  For some, dental benefits provide assurance of some financial contribution to basic care and an encouragement to regularly come in for cleanings and exams to avoid more costly dental work in the future.  Dental insurance maximums have barely risen in 30 years and unlike medical insurance, which is meant to kick in just when you need it most, dental insurance typically runs out just when you need it most.  If an employer pays most of the cost of insurance it can be an added benefit, but for many individuals without access to a group plan, it can be more cost effective to save the cost of premiums and pay for dental work as needed.  We often have patients faced with choosing from more than one dental insurance option and we encourage them to swing by our office with the paperwork so we can take a look at it and recommend which plan might be utilized the easiest in our office.

Due to the constant changes regarding dental insurance, our office recognizes that sometimes patients need a little help maneuvering all the benefits, restrictions, codes and maximums that apply. For help in sorting out some common insurance questions, we’ve created a new area on our website called “What Every Patient Should Know About Insurance”.  We hope you’ll find it useful and remember, we’re always here to assist you in maximizing the benefits you pay for.  Call our office at 720-489-7333 if we can help.

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