Whatcha Cooking Tonight?

by Sandi on March 27, 2010

Back about a decade ago I was a stay-at-home mom living across the country from my dear friend, Jennifer, who was as frugal of a budgeter as me (truth be told she was even better).  She had an awesome spread sheet system of menus with corresponding grocery lists that made our lives easier and we brainstormed of how to take it online for other moms, creating our own little business called Menus For Moms.  We didn’t exactly make millions at it but it was a great time of connecting with other moms and sustaining a fun friendship.  I recently got a link to site where a couple of moms are doing something similar but bigger and better.  For only $5.00 a month – yes that is $1.25 a week you can pick from preprinted grocery lists and menus.  The best part is that you can choose from vegetarian menus, menus for 2, low carb, point system and my favorite, the family menus that come with a Kroeger shopping list taking advantage of their coupon specials for the week.  I shop at a Kroeger store but if you don’t, you can even pick the shopping list from where you shop.  For five bucks a month this is a no brainer for any busy mom (is there a mom who isn’t?) and what I love is that these are quick and kid-friendly recipes that my children may actually eat.  The ladies who started this site did it with the idea that simplifying meals would give families more time together and I love that they did it in such an inexpensive way.  Visit their site at:  https://e-mealz.com/

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